Compare Cloud Services

Compare Cloud Services

Comprehensive Cloud Services allow you to self-provision and deploy high-availability Virtual Machines in minutes with a few simple clicks and then easily scale CPU, RAM and disk drive resources up or down as needed.

Cloud Services and Solutions that include all the features of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Google Cloud, Rackspace Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, CloudSigma, Dell Cloud, Vultr Cloud, Linode Cloud, Kamatera Cloud, MassiveGrid, LiquidWeb Cloud, VMware Cloud, Verizon Cloud, OpenNebula, OpenStack, Red Hat Cloud, Zettagrid, Exoscale, Joyent Cloud, iWeb Cloud, Softlayer Cloud and others.

Including full support for all popular operating systems and software including Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris etc. Ability to support all core services, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Microsoft Exchange Server and other mail servers, Wordpress, Joomla etc.

Offering the same levels of functionality and control as regular dedicated servers with guaranteed hardware power (CPU / RAM) and dedicated disk drive resources.

24/7/365 Technical Support. USA, Canada and EU based technicians

AWS Cloud Alternative

Amazon Cloud Alternative

Microsoft Cloud Alternative

Azure Cloud Alternative

Rackspace Cloud Alternative

Google Cloud Alternative

Alibaba Cloud Alternative

IBM Cloud Alternative

CloudSigma Alternative

Dell Cloud Alternative

OnApp Cloud Alternative

Vultr Cloud Alternative

Linode Cloud Alternative

Kamatera Cloud Alternative

MassiveGrid Cloud Alternative

LiquidWeb Cloud Alternative

VMware Cloud Alternative

OpenNebula Cloud Alternative

OpenStack Cloud Alternative

Proxmox Cloud Alternative

Red Hat Cloud Alternative

Zettagrid Cloud Alternative

Exoscale Cloud Alternative

Joyent Cloud Alternative

iWeb Cloud alternative

Softlayer Cloud alternative

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